Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christmas in July

While all the way in Myrtle Beach...Hot, Sunny Myrtle Beach, all I can think about is Christmas.  Yes, it's July(the end of July) and I'm all about Christmas.  I wanted to share some of the lovelies that I'm wanting to recreate for Christmas 2012.  All courtesy of my"Happy Place", Pinterest.


Gift Wrap from TheHaystackNeedle:

stamp gift wrap


 Decoupage Ornaments from FleaMarketStyleMag.Blogspot.com



Gifts from my kitchen...Divine Caramel Sauce from BettyCrockerRecipes/Flickr



  1. oh i am the same way! I start thinking about christmas once christmas is over! LOL! Love the homemade ornaments. too cute

  2. Shawn I love your postings about Christmas in July! They inspire me to think about Christmas everytime! Love your gifts ideas- always beautiful! :) Anna
    FYI : We just moved to Charleston, SC ( Love Myrtle Beach too! )



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